What is EdIS?

Information on EdIS and what we do as a service.

Our Purpose

  • EdIS is a transformational programme designed with children and young people and their learning experience at its core. The projects delivered under EdIS will transform the educational landscape and facilitate the creation of future learning opportunities. ​
  • EdIS will provide new and emerging technologies to support schools’ business critical services.​ It will facilitate integration and interoperability across systems and services to deliver enhanced user experiences, accurate management information and reporting for use across the wider educational community.​

What does EdIS mean for me?

Children and Young People​

Tell Us Once​

  • A transforme​d educational experience & improved outcomes

Access to applications and technology enabling:​

  • Development of skills for the future​
  • Personalised content creation
  • Enhanced learning
  • Feedback and recognition for progress and achievements

Parents and Guardians

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  • Increased, multichannel Engagement​

Streamlined systems enabling:​

  • Smooth communication with schools and EA​
  • Essential collaboration with schools and EA ​
  • Faster processes​
  • Increased visibility ​

School Leaders, Teachers and Governors​

Reduced administrative burden:​

  • Automated over manual​
  • Paperless over paper​
  • Mobile first solutions​

A transformed user experience offering:​

  • Personalisation​
  • Enhanced digital learning environments ​
  • Essential curriculum applications ​
  • Focused pupil centered learning ​

Additional devices and wireless provision supporting learning anytime, anywhere.

Education Support and Management​

  • Streamlined Processes​
  • Single sources of truth​
  • Coherent, integrated and interoperable administration systems that meets the complex requirements of education and its processes.​
  • Maximising the benefits of data analytics to enable and support school improvement, school management and policy development

Design Principles

  • Cross channel personalised experiences
  • Tell us once
  • Mobile first, not mobile only
  • Automated and paperless processes
  • Singe sources of truth

Programme Benefits

Effective school leadership and management

Improvements in the effectiveness of school management through access to better school management system functionality, stream-lining of administrative processes, reporting and analytical capabilities, and EA support services.

High level of satisfaction for all EdIS users

Evidence-informed programme meeting the needs of selected stakeholders through improved user engagement and satisfaction with the quality  of available services.

Enhanced education services management

Improvements in the effectiveness of education services management through controlled and efficient access to common datasets by EA, DE and other education organisations via integrated system functionality, reduced manual data entry, stream-lining of administrative processes, and reporting and analytical capabilities.​

Stakeholders working in effective partnership with schools

EdIS services enable the effective use of online services, collaboration tools and digital resources to support learning and teaching within and between schools, and for improved engagement between parents, EA, Educational Bodies and authorised stakeholders and schools. ​

Teacher development and teaching practice is enhanced through EdIS professional learning tools

Enabling improvements in teacher professional learning (TPL) through increased access to and availability of technology-enabled professional learning content and collaboration tools.​

Effective local and strategic decision-making brought about by improvements in sharing and analysis of data

Better data analytics, improved access and ability to share data will improve the quality of information and support better decision making for schools’ planning and development by school leadership and EA school support services.​

Digital tools aligned with the NI curriculum and the needs of learners

Providing an enhanced range of educational applications and resources that are up-to-date, available to all schools, accessible on a range of devices and appropriate to their needs.​

Provision of a secure online environment

Provision of a secure end-to-end service that meets systems access and data security requirements, including compliance with GDPR regulations, and ensures online safety for children and all other users using the service.​

Last updated: 13/09/2023