Senior Leadership Pathways

A professional learning programme to build the capacity of new or aspiring senior leaders.


The Senior Leadership Pathways programme, underpinned by leadership competences, has been developed for new and aspiring senior leaders. It is part of the leadership continuum of professional learning and provides teachers with a pathway to leadership.  Senior Leadership Pathways is designed to build the capacity of new and aspiring senior leaders.  The programme will develop the knowledge and understanding of senior leaders in relation to the systems and processes that lead to school improvement, whilst also providing them with an opportunity to develop appropriate leadership behaviours and skills which empower them to lead impactful and positive change in their setting.  This professional learning opportunity includes a school-based improvement project (SIP) providing the opportunity to put professional learning into practice.

Key Objectives

This research-informed progamme will provide opportunities for new and aspiring senior leaders to engage in professional learning that will:

  • Inspire, support and challenge through a research informed programme;
  • Impact both the person of the leader and the practice of the leader;
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and engagement with other senior leaders; and
  • Build capacity to lead an aspect of school improvement through taking the lead role in a school improvement project (SIP), which has a direct impact on improving pupil outcomes.


The learning will take place using a hybrid model of facilitation with three self-directed online webinars and two full day in-person professional learning workshops.  Participants have the option of online/in-person facilitation for their final presentation.

The progamme comprises of six modules exploring five themes and building on the learning from the Steps into Leadership programme

  • Vision and values;
  • Developing self and working with others;
  • Leading learning and teaching;
  • Leading and managing change; and
  • Building professional learning communities.

The final day focusses on the presentation of the school improvement project, its impact on pupils and a review of key learning.

Phase-specific tutor groups will also take place to complement and further explore the learning of each of the five themes.


Teachers who have completed the programme have commented:

  • The course has allowed me to think more strategically and highlighted the importance of making effective decisions based upon analysis, experience and judgement. I feel more empowered and feel better equipped to act as a role model to inspire and motivate others.
  • This course afforded me the opportunity to see the approach that others may take, and how I could improve, or implement, my vision. The chance to reflect on work completed to date is something that I try and do regularly anyway, but this course made you take time to think about it in ways that you hadn’t thought of. The collaborative aspect through the discussion forum was useful for seeing the point of view of other professionals in similar environments.
  • As a result of this programme, I aim to inspire others to, as John Quincy Adams says, 'dream more, do more, learn more and become more'. I believe an effective leader needs to lead by example and with openness, honesty, empathy when building relationships within a team. When faced with challenge, change or resistance, I need to 'bounce back', reframe my thinking and keep moving forwards.
  • This course has made me grow in confidence and inspired me to continue with my vision of inspiring others to address and find solutions to the barriers to learning to allow ALL learners to learn.
  • This course has helped shape me to become a more complete leader.

Further Information

Please contact the Professional Learning and Development – School Leadership team for further information [email protected].

Last updated: 30/10/2023