Check Transport Eligibility

See if your child might qualify for transport assistance before making a formal application online.

Use the eligibility checker tool, at any time, to get an idea of whether you might be eligible for transport to a mainstream school.

You can use our Transport Eligibility Checker to find out if your child will qualify for school transport.

The Transport Eligibility Checker only provides an indication of potential eligibility at that time. You MUST apply for transport assistance online to receive a formal decision based on your circumstances (i.e. admissions preferences and distance to school) and any changes to school provision that might affect eligibility (e.g. school closures, amalgamations).  

The eligibility checker will tell you if the distance to a school is far enough to qualify and identify if there are closer schools that you must have applied to, to be eligible for transport assistance. More information on eligibility criteria can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section


Last updated: 05/06/2024