NAACE EdTech Review Framework (ERF)

EdIS partner with NAACE to promote school improvement using digital technology.

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In partnership with the National Association for Education Technology (NAACE), all schools in Northern Ireland now have the opportunity to avail of the NAACE EdTech Review Framework (ERF) tool. This platform was previously known as the Self Review Framework (SRF) and has seen some positive upgrades in 2023. Funded by the EdIS Programme and available at no cost at all to schools in Northern Ireland, the ERF supports schools to embed digital skills and provides them the tools to assist with their digital transformation.

Who are NAACE?

  • NACCE is the National Association for Education Technology.
  • NAACE is a community of teachers, school leaders, advisors, consultants and commercial partners working across all areas of UK education who share a vision for the developing role of technology in education.
  • NAACE represent the UK education technology community in the schooling sector at a national and international level.

For more information visit the NAACE/ERF website. 

What is the NAACE EdTech Review Framework?

The NAACE EdTech Review Framework (ERF) is a powerful online tool for school improvement using Education Technology. Schools, teachers, pupils, and parents rely on technology and its effective management to advance education. The SRF helps schools maximise the adoption of technology, supporting several areas including:

  • The impact education technology has in a school
  • How technology is improving outcomes, engagement, and essential digital skills
  • Availability of high quality professional digital learning resources
  • Safe and secure use of technology assurance.

NAACE SRF Pilot for NI Schools

The EdIS Programme piloted the SRF (now known as ERF) with 21 schools across a range of sectors in Spring/Summer 2022 to explore and test the relevance, manageability, and appropriateness of the SRF tool for schools in Northern Ireland.

Schools that took part in this pilot phase were overwhelmingly positive about the value of the SRF.  The pilot schools reported the use of the SRF supported them on their journey to maximise their use of technology through developing and enhancing learning and teaching whilst providing a benchmark against which to assess progress. The pilot schools also reported the maturity model was instrumental in supporting them to reach their full potential in the implementation of technology across the curriculum. Through understanding where they are in their technology strategy, they are able to plan and record the next stages of progress.

Feedback from pilot school leaders:

  • “Very easy to use. Great tool to help you identify areas of strength and those which need to be worked on.”
  • “Fantastic tool for professional development and benchmarking for whole school improvement”
  • “An overview of what excellent provision looks like. A way forward to develop ICT in our school.”
  • “Realisation that we were good at using ed tech on an ad-hoc basis, with some fantastic examples of good practice but that much more planning required to get the best use out of ed tech across all of the elements in the framework.”

Registration and Support for Schools

NAACE ERF registration form is now available via C2k Exchange as well as an information sheet (EN197 NAACE EdTech Review (ERF) Registration) for full guidance. To access the registration form

Go to C2kexchange > School Services >Information Management. Select the form NAACE Administrator Request Form (Principal Only submission) from the Service Requests list.

Schools should not apply directly via the NAACE website. Any school that has previously paid for a NAACE SRF / ERF subscription should register via C2k exchange (as outlined above) to avail of the license at no cost moving forward.

A webinar to introduce the NAACE ERF and the EdIS partnership has been delivered to schools. C2k account holders can access the recording here: View the NAACE SRF Webinar.

Phase one of training and support for the NAACE ERF is now complete. Further support and guidance will be provided by C2k eLearning Consultants in collaboration with School Improvement Professionals.  Please contact us at the email below if you would like to request access to resources.

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Last updated: 20/10/2023