Whether your child is starting pre-school, primary or post-primary, our admissions tool will help you find out what you need to know about getting a place at school.

The criteria for admission to pre-school, primary and post primary schools will be published on this website on Friday 14 December 2018. You are encouraged to study the admission criteria of those schools/playgroups that you would consider sending your child to before completing an application.

Information on the admissions procedure is currently available on this website under Admissions which includes the option of ‘finding a pre-school, primary school or post-primary school in your area. 

You should continue to check this website for further updates on the admissions procedure.

The Education Authority (EA) manages the procedures for the enrolment of children in pre-school (age 2-4 years), primary school (age 4-11 years) and post primary school (age 11-18 years).

Please note that the following guidance does not relate to children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs as their admission to school is dealt with in a separate process.  If you wish your child to attend a preparatory department of a grammar school or an independent school, you should apply to the school for admission

Each year staff assist parents and schools in enrolling approximately 70,000 children into various types of educational settings within the age ranges.

It is the responsibility of Boards of Governors in each school or the Management Committee in each Voluntary or Private Playgroup to draw up their admissions criteria.  Where pre-schools or schools are oversubscribed, Boards of Governors or the Management Committee must select children for admission by applying their published admissions criteria.

EA Staff are available to provide advice to parents in relation to enrolment procedures and where applicable the appeals procedure which exists where a child is not admitted into the school their parent has chosen. 

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