Admissions Appeals

Information on the Appeals Procedure if your child has been refused admission to a school

If your child has been refused a place in a nursery school/nursery unit, P1 of a primary school, Year 8 of a post primary school or Year 11 of a senior high school, you can appeal the decision of the Board of Governors.

Independent Admissions Appeal Tribunals are established by the Education Authority to consider appeals. These Tribunals will decide on whether or not a school has correctly applied its admissions criteria in deciding to refuse the child admission to the school. Tribunals cannot uphold an appeal on any other grounds. The actual substance of the criteria cannot be challenged in the appeal tribunal.

Information which was not made available to the school at the time it was making its decisions will not be taken into account at appeal.

NOTE There is no right of an appeal against the decision of a Voluntary or Private Playgroup provider and no right of appeal where a parent has indicated that they would prefer a morning part-time place but an afternoon part-time place has been offered (or vice versa).

Considering Appealing a School's Decision?

Image: Appeal logoPlease follow the below steps if you are considering making an appeal against a school’s decision:

1. Read the appeals information.

2. Prepare your appeal documents.

3. Upload document(s) on your online appeal form.

4. Submit form by closing date below.

5. You will receive a confirmation email on submission of the form.

Appeals Information

Admissions Appeals for 2021 are now closed.

Parents/guardians will be the contacted by the Education Authority when their appeal has been scheduled and will be given five working days written notice of the date, time and arrangements of the hearing.

Contact Info

If you have a query about an appeal which you have lodged you can email as applicable below:

  Email Address
Primary 1 appeal
Pre-School Stage 1 or Stage 2 appeal
Senior High School 14+ appeal
Post Primary School Year 8 appeal

You can access further information in the appeals doucment or contact the Admissions Helpdesk by telephone 028 9598 5595.

Exceptional Circumstances Body

For post-primary schools only, you can also apply to the Exceptional Circumstances Body (ECB) if you think your child should go to a specific post-primary school because of exceptional circumstances.

You can use one or both processes to appeal a decision about a post-primary school place.

Further information is available on NI Direct in relation to the Exceptional Circumstances Body or you can contact the Secretariat by telephone on 028 9127 9871, or by emailing

There is no deadline for applying to the ECB.

Last updated: 28/06/2021