School Meals

Information on school meal provision.

School Food, Healthy Eating

Our Catering Service is responsible for the provision of school meals in grant-aided schools.

180,000 meals are produced daily, with meals served to children of all ages from nursery to post primary and for those pupils attending special schools.

Meals are freshly cooked in schools each day using seasonal ingredients offering healthy varied menus, including familiar favourites as well as tempting new tastes to try.

Benefits of school food:    

  • A freshly prepared nutritious meal;  
  • Value for money;    
  • More convenient than a packed lunch;
  • A social opportunity to eat with others;
  • Prepared by a local team of staff;
  • The ability to cater for special dietary requirements;
  • Availability of vegetarian options.

Catering Service Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding school food, or would like to discuss it further, please contact our Catering Service via email: [email protected]

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Last updated: 11/01/2023