Data Subject Rights

Guidance & resources for Schools on how to comply with Data Subject Rights.

Schools SAR Procedure & Guidance

The EA Information Governance Team have developed the template document below, which it is intended may be used by Schools as an internal facing document setting out the procedure, written guidance and templates to be used when a School receives a Subject Access Request. Should a School wish to use this document, the Principal should download, read and review the document in its entirety and attend to the drafting points which have been highlighted for your attention.

Should a School require any additional advice and guidance on handling a Subject Access Request, they may contact the EA Information Governance Team to request further support by calling 028 8241 1300 or by emailing 
[email protected]

Parental Responsibility

The issue of Parental Responsibility is relevant to the issue of whether an adult may exercise data subject right, including the right of subject access, on behalf of a child or young person. The Template Schools SAR Procedure & Guidance contains detailed guidance as to the various considerations which should be taken into account by a School where an adult seeks to exercise the right of subject access on behalf of a pupil. One of those considerations is the issue of whether or not the adult holds Parental Responsibility for the pupil. The Department of Education have recently published updated guidance for Schools on the issue of Parental Responsibility.

The updated circular, includes pre-schools, reflects legislative changes in respect of parental responsibility and provides advice on the action required in respect of a person or persons who acquire parental responsibility for a pupil, is available at Parental Responsibility - Updated Guidance web page. Where the adult seeking to make a subject access on behalf of pupil does hold Parental Responsibility for the pupil, the Template Schools SAR Procedure & Guidance contains detailed guidance on the further considerations which the School also needs to take into account.

Last updated: 03/03/2023