A Newcomer pupil is a pupil whose home language is not English or Irish and who may require support in school for this reason. We provide advice and support for staff in schools who are working with Newcomer pupils.

We offer six types of support:

  1. Helpdesk for immediate answers to questions: It will be available from Monday to Friday.
  2. Emergency support for schools who are working with Newcomer pupils for the first time or who require immediate support due to an urgent issue.
  3. On-going school based support for schools wishing to access more in-depth support and training for staff on intercultural awareness, assessment and planning and curriculum access.
  4. Interpreting service to help teachers communicate with Newcomer families.
  5. Online courses for teachers developed by IES to support teachers and other staff in mainstream classrooms. They are available through Queen's University, School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Open Learning Programme.
  6. Translated documents and other resources for schools to support intercultural awareness, welcome and communication with home, assessment and planning and curriculum access.

To access any of the above support services please make a request using our online form.

Click on the links below for a brief overview of the support available: 

Last updated: 29/03/2022