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DE Circular 2024/01 Guidance on Amendments to the Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Curriculum Content

DE Circular 2023/02 Parental Responsibility. Updated Guidance for Schools

DE Circular 2022/02 Children Who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour

DE Circular 2021/08. School Development Days 2021/2022. Trauma Informed Practice and SEN included.

DE Circular 2021/13 Interim Guidance on the use of Restraint and Seclusion in Educational Settings

DE Circular 2021/12 Addressing Bullying in Schools Act (NI) 2016. Statutory Guidance for Schools and Boards of Governors

DE Circular 2021/01 Further guidance for schools on supporting remote learning

Circular 2020/5 - Guidance for Schools on Supporting Remote Learning

DE Circular 2020/07. Child Protection Record Keeping in Schools.

DE Circular 2018/07 Self Assessment Audit Tool Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Circular 2017/13 - Recording looked after children on C2K

Revised Circular 2017/04 (Updated September 2023) - Safeguarding and Child Protection - A Guide for Schools

Circular 2016/27 - Online Safety

Circular 2016/26 - Effective Educational Uses of Mobile Digital Devices

Circular 2015/23 - Drugs Guidance

Circular 2015/22 - Relationship and sexuality Education (RSE) guidance

Circular 2015/13 - Dealing with allegations of abuse against a member of staff

Circular 2014/27 - Managing persons who pose a risk to pupils

Circular 2014/14 - Guidance on how to encourage pupil participation in decision making in schools

Circular 2013/25 - eSafety Guidance – provides information and guidance on eSafety within the context of the new C2k contract, Education Network (NI) and in relation to non-C2k networks

Circular 2013/01 - Guidance for schools and employing authorities on pre-employment vetting checking and safer recruitment practices

Circular 2012/19 - Guidance for schools and employing authorities on changes to pre-employment checking and safer recruitment practices

Circular 2011/22 - Internet Safety

Circular 2010/08 - The Governors' Role