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SBNI Resolution of Professional Differences Protocol

Understanding the Child Protection Structures in Northern Ireland - A Guide for Staff in the Education Sector 2020

A safeguarding induction built to last - Optimus Education Adapted for NI by CPSS 2016

Building children and young people's resilience in schools

Education for a Connected World

Listening to children. What helps children to disclose

Barriers to disclosure. Helping staff to recognise and respond to disclosures

Power and positions of trust - Guidance on the code of conduct for staff working

Maintaining our focus on the child - Messages from research and effective practice

Essential steps for making child protection referrals

Guidance for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in education settings. REVISED October-2015

Safeguarding emergencies - what to do when you need to act quickly

Actions to take when you overhear pupils discussing a potential child protection issue

Maintaining Boundaries Online - Optimus Education