Being Well Doing Well Programme

Information on the new Being Well Doing Well programme, which is a whole school approach to emotional health and wellbeing.

What is the Being Well Doing Well (BWDW) programme?

The Being Well Doing Well (BWDW) programme is part of The Children & Young People’s Emotional Health & Wellbeing in Education Framework.

The programme aims to support schools (nursery, primary, post primary, special and EOTAS) to develop a WholeBeing Well Doing Well School Approach to Emotional Health and Wellbeing by resourcing them with:

  •  An Emotional Health & Wellbeing Framework to assist them to assess their current practice, identify needs and implement actions to develop the emotional health and wellbeing needs of everyone within the school;
  • A package of support which includes a BWDW Toolkit, advice, resources and training to assist them to improve the holistic outcomes of the whole school by addressing their emotional health and wellbeing needs; and
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing outcomes which will reduce pupils barriers to learning and enhance their readiness to learn.

What is a Whole School Approach?

A Whole School Approach is about:

  • Developing a positive ethos and culture where everyone feels that they belong.
  • Making sure that the whole school community is welcoming, inclusive and respectful.
  • Maximising pupils learning through promoting good mental health & wellbeing across the school – through the curriculum, early support for pupils, staff-pupil/pupil-staff relationships, leadership and commitment from everyone.
  • Fostering school leaders to understand the links between mental health & achievement, champions and supports wellbeing of pupils and staff, supports the staff team that is committed to helping all pupils develop social and emotional skills to cope effectively.

Tier 1

Universal Training available for all schools to support whole school Emotional Health & Wellbeing through the CYPS Training Programme.

Tier 2

All schools that register can avail of strategic support and access to: 

  • Being Well Doing Well Whole School Approach Toolkit:
    • Resources and training - Bereavement, Being Well Doing Well process, Suicide Awareness etc.
    • Whole school baseline audit with quality indicators of effective practice.
    • Whole school engagement - emotional health and wellbeing questionnaires.
    • Action planning and implementation of emotional health and wellbeing priorities.
  • Ongoing support and advice to improve emotional health and wellbeing holistic outcomes for the whole school community.
  • Support to address identified areas for improvement/development.
  • Sub cover for emotional health and wellbeing Champion to co-ordinate, develop and implement a Whole School Approach to emotional health and wellbeing.

When is it available?

  • Schools can register for the 2024/25 academic year by emailing [email protected]
  • Registration for the 2024/25 academic year will close on 31st May 2024. 

Criteria for registration

  1. Have prioritised emotional health and wellbeing within their School Development Plan.
  2. Have a whole school commitment to embed a Whole School Approach to emotional health and wellbeing.

Introductory Pupil Videos

The following videos have been developed to assist the registered Being Well Doing Well schools to introduce the programme to their pupils. Schools are advised to choose which video meets their pupils age and cognitive ability.

Contact Us

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Last updated: 14/05/2024