Pre-School Education Programme

The Pre-School Education Support Service carries out the operational and administration functions of the Pre-School Education Programme (PSEP).  Here you will find all documents associated with the administration of the PSEP.

The aim of the PSEP is to provide one year of high quality funded pre-school education, in the year before compulsory education, for every child whose parents want it.

The PSEP is funded by the Department of Education (DE) via the EA and is designed as a partnership between the statutory and voluntary/private pre-school sectors.  Both sectors are equally valued for their contribution to the education of children, with both following common curriculum guidelines and subject to the same inspection standards. 

Prior to the establishment of the EA, a Pre-School Education Advisory Group (PEAG) operated in each former Education and Library Board area.          

The EA Pre-School Education Group (PEG) has now been established and will replace the previous PEAGs and build upon the invaluable work they carried out for the benefit of pre-school children over the last twenty years.

Centralisation of the Pre-School Education Support Service

The Pre-School Education Support Service is now centralised. 

The single point of contact for the Pre-School Education Support Service is now through the following link -

Please note: Should the delivery of funded places allocated to your setting be at risk at any stage throughout the year, please contact the EA Pre-School Education Support Service at

Last updated: 10/02/2023