Severe Weather Emergency Guidance for Schools

Information and contact details for schools when dealing with an adverse / severe weather related emergency.

Adverse/Severe Weather

During periods of severe weather, it is important that schools take steps to minimise the potential impact on school buildings and facilities.  Please see information about preventative measures that schools can take to minimise damage to the school estate in extreme weather conditions and how to protect school premises.

Also below is some Severe Weather Guidance that provides information about the role of a school during periods of severe weather.

EA Maintenance Emergency Contact Details

Maintenance Helpdesk Contact Details (Office Hours)

If you require any support in relation to adverse / severe weather during EA office hours please contact the Maintenance Helpdesk at your local EA office.

Office Office Maintenance Helpdesk

028 3751 2551 / 028 3751 2243


028 2501 3120 


028 9050 7508 / 028 9050 7509


028 9056 6248


028 8241 1518

EA Emergency Maintenance Contact Number (Out of Hours)

In the event of an out of hour’s adverse / severe weather maintenance related emergency in your school, please contact the EA Maintenance emergency number assistance.

EA Emergency Maintenance Contact Number (Out of Hours)

028 3751 2345                             

Dealing with Exceptional School Closures due to Extreme Weather Conditions

Please see below a letter issued by the Department of Education to schools that provides important information on how your school should deal with any exceptional closures which may arise during the school year due to extreme weather conditions, such as severe cold weather or flooding.

A checklist - exceptional closure of school is available on the Department of Education website, outlining the main factors that you should consider when making decisions about a possible school closure.

Last updated: 15/09/2021