Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Deafness*  is a low incidence disability that can have a high educational impact. We aim to give children, their families and their schools the advice and support needed to enable them to learn and achieve, be independent and to enable educational settings to include everyone and develop effective ways of meeting each child and young person’s individual needs.

We are a team of teachers with specialist qualifications in working with children and young people with who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. All Teachers of the Deaf hold the mandatory qualification for working with deaf children and young people at MEd/MSc/Postgraduate Diploma level. The teachers in our Service hold the mandatory qualification or complete the training within three years of joining the Service.

*We use the term ‘deaf’ to refer to all types of deafness from mild to profound. This includes deafness in one ear or temporary deafness such as glue ear

Last updated: 11/02/2022