School Crossing Patrols (SCPs)

Information for schools on the management of the School Crossing Patrol service.

Submission of a School Crossing Patrol Request

Schools who wish to submit a formal request for a new or permanent replacement School Crossing Patrol via the portal, can do so via the link below.

If your request is related to sickness cover, please refer to the EA SCP Scheme, Section 5 and contact your local office.

EA manages the school crossing patrol service for all types of schools.

School Crossing Patrol's are valued members of staff but this is not a statutory function of the EA.  A School Crossing Patrol's role is to help pedestrians to cross safely at a designated point. They are not responsible for managing parking and even where a School Crossing Patrol is in operation, parents remain primarily responsible for their child’s safe arrival at school. A wide range of road safety information is available on NI Direct website.

Management of School Crossing Patrols

School Crossing Patrol's are EA employees who are managed with the support of the school to which they are assigned.

Schools should be aware that School Crossing Patrol's are not authorised to stop traffic unless wearing their uniform and must operate only at an approved location.

As a ‘regulated activity’ only those formally employed as a School Crossing Patrol by the Education Authority are authorised to stop traffic.  Individuals who have not been formally employed by the Education Authority as a School Crossing Patrol, are not indemnified by it in the event of any legal proceedings.

Last updated: 05/02/2024