EA Connect – Transforming Service Delivery

Information on the new unified online portal for customers, EA Connect.

EA Connect is home to a number of key services delivered by EA to support schools and families. It simplifies processes and reduces the administration burden on schools, EA services and parents. EA Connect provides a single source of truth for each child’s records and enables close collaboration with all those involved in a child’s education journey.  

The first services to launch on the portal include SEN Annual Reviews and Admissions for pre-school, primary school, post primary and 14+ admissions.

From August 2023, students progressing in further education can apply for Transport Assistance via EA Connect. Additional services are expected to be added in future developments to include Home to School transport and Free School Meals/Uniform Grants.

Key Stats

  • 69,857 Applications submitted online via EA Connect 

  • 161,565 Supporting Documents uploaded  

  • 71,111 parents accessing EA Connect for services in 2023 

  • 1,100 schools accessing EA Connect  

  • 35% of all SEN Annual Reviews completed via EA Connect 

Current Services on EA Connect

Transport Applications launching on EA Connect in August 2023

Students can apply for transport assistance online via EA Connect from 14 August 2023.

Transport assistance is available for students who meet the following criteria:

  • The course followed is a Full-Time course;
  • The distance from home to the College in which you are enrolled exceeds 3 miles;
  • The course you are attending is your closest Further Education College;
  • The student is not eligible for student loan assessment.
  • Transport assistance is not available for the incoming school session if the students 19th birthday is attained on or before 1st July; Parents and Students - For further information on transport assistance visit: Home to School Transport.

SEN Annual Review Digital Returns

Annual Reviews for children with a statement of special needs can now be completed by digital returns on EA Connect creating a seamless, easy to follow review process for both school users and parents.   

Parents – For more information view: SEN Annual Reviews

Schools – For more information view: SEN Annual Reviews (Schools)


Applications for admissions for the 2023/24 school year have been made through EA Connect enabling parents to complete their child’s application and upload supporting documentation online.  

Notifications of outcomes – direct from EA Connect. All parents applying for a child’s school place in future will be notified of the outcome of their application digitally, both through the portal and via email. 

Parents – For more information view: Admissions

Schools - For more information view: Admissions Resource Hub

Last updated: 14/09/2023